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A computational neuroscientist, information theoretician and electrical engineer with a background in physics, with the desire to understand everything and create anything. :)

Thoughts on Technology and the Future (Hong Kong, 2011)

During our visit to the beautiful islands of Hong Kong and Kowloon for the H+ Hong Kong conference in December of 2011, Adam A. Ford filmed a number of segments with me, as we took the day after the conference … Continue reading

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The Error at the Core of Nihilism that is based on Determinism

There is a form of Nihilism that in essence states that we have no choices, because in the physical universe, all things are in the end determined by their causal relationships. Certainly, determinism is still a strongly debated topic in … Continue reading

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My article on Kurzweil AI: Pattern survival versus Gene survival

My latest article just hit the front page of If, like me, you have wondered about the best way to invest your effort in a transhumanist or singularitarian direction, then please read it and tell me what you think! … Continue reading

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Music with Wings

My first little blog-post… and a small attempt to start collecting my little music suggestions rather than have them randomly appear and disappear in posts or comments. I’ll start with two sections, just to keep it simple: New and Old. … Continue reading

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