Thoughts on Technology and the Future (Hong Kong, 2011)

During our visit to the beautiful islands of Hong Kong and Kowloon for the H+ Hong Kong conference in December of 2011, Adam A. Ford filmed a number of segments with me, as we took the day after the conference to explore.

In the YouTube video that is included with this post, he manages – in spite of strong winds – to tie together many of the pieces of our meandering discussion about Technology and the Future. For me, it was a very different and extremely pleasant type of interview. Casual dress further emphasizes this in the footage, sporting our Halcyon Molecular mechanical butterfly T-shirt and wind-whipped curls.

Here is the video, and below, a quick summary of topics.

Randal A. Koene: Thoughts on Technology and the Future (filmed by Adam A. Ford)


  • Significance of the work at Halcyon Molecular, and DNA sequencing in general.
  • What I talked about at the H+ Hong Kong conference, and why.
  • Meta-comments about the topics and conversations that dominated the H+ Hong Kong conference.
  • The 4 routes to Life-Extension.
  • The concept of “Stasis as Time-Jumping”.
  • Why replacing neurons in-situ as therapy is a difficult proposition.
  • Future living, space travel, and trading computational resources and information.
  • Aspects of “transhumanism” that have appeal, such as open-mindedness and constructive thinking about technology.
  • The Second Renaissance.
  • The luxury that we have to strive for ambitious goals, and the possible need to work fast, as those ambitions depend on a potentially fragile infrastructure.

About randalkoene

A computational neuroscientist, information theoretician and electrical engineer with a background in physics, with the desire to understand everything and create anything. :)
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